Anonymous Text Rockbitch; Julie at Kingston
The image is of Julie on stage at the "Sir Robert Peel" in Kingston, South London,
one night in November 2001. Just another show.

The words come from one who used to watch with us in the darkness. Read them, read them again; they're the only words on these pages not written by me, but they may be the most important.

Latest update : September 21st, 2002 : The Rockbitch Gallery
Some photos from the last live show in the UK - the Marrs Bar, Worcester, on July 9th 2002
together with some unseen photos from shows earlier in the year.

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A year ago I knew nothing of Julie or of these other women.

But then one night I was kicking the flotsam, way out on one of the internet's seedier shores, when I stumbled across an odd video clip; the quality was poor, but it seemed to show a bunch of wild, perverted, talentless women playing loud rock and performing strange sex acts before a rather bemused male audience. I supposed - if I supposed anything - that I had brushed up against another of history's false starts and I thought little more of it.. But I confess to logging the band's name in one of those recesses of my psyche reserved for pleasures not discussed in polite company.

And then, a few months later, I happened on the band's website. It gave details of a current tour of Southern England; not only that, but it was written in a prose so stylish, with a dry wit and a gentle irony, and it illuminated issues sufficiently interesting, that my attention was re-awakened. It may be that my memory of those strange sex acts yet played some part in my renewed interest...

Anyway, for whatever reason, I went along to see them when the band came by.. And then I went again.. By now - July 2002 - I've seen them play to an audience of 700 in De Graanbeurs in Breda in Holland; I've seen them play to 20 in the Crypt in Hastings.. and I've seen them several times in between.. And now they've decided that they will tour no more..

In the following pages I try to find out why they interest me. This represents something of an odyssey - though the journey has lasted less than a year I find that the responses documented early in this quest aren't always exactly those which I find triggered today. But I leave these earlier pieces exactly as they were written; they contain what I like to think of as their own truth, and others may find they reflect something of their own experience. I know now that this band works on many different levels at the same time.

The band - of course - is


Start the journey You won't need them where you're going...